Complaints Procedure


We make every effort to give the best service possible to everyone who attends our practice.  However, we are aware that things can go wrong, resulting in a patient feeling that they have a genuine cause for complaint. If this is so, we would wish for the matter to be settled as quickly, and as amicably, as possible.

Most issues can be resolved without you having to make a formal complaint and you could try having an informal chat with your doctor or a staff member first. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, or this does not resolve the situation please contact the Complaints & Practice Manager, Jeanette Bracey who will investigate your concerns and offer you further advice and guidance on the complaints procedure.

Further information on the NHS Complaints Process, and the legislation governing it can be found on the NHS website.


Complaining On Behalf Of Someone Else

Medical records are protected under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and we strictly adhere with patient confidentiality.

If you are complaining on behalf of someone else, we need to know that you have their permission to do so. A consent form signed by the patient will be required unless they are incapable (e.g. due to illness) or you have a 'Personal Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney'.

Please ask at Reception for a consent form if you require one.

Further Information

Healthwatch West Sussex

Healthwatch West Sussex provides a free and independent health complaints advocacy service, which helps local people explore options for getting their voice heard when they feel something has gone wrong with their health service.

Their advocates support local people to explore their complaint options and can provide practical assistance, ranging from help in writing a complaint letter, attending a resolution meeting, and putting your complaint to the Health Service Ombudsman.

As Healthwatch West Sussex they can also work with the organisation and system to make sure learning from complaints helps to improve services for those who need them now and in the future.

Contacting Healthwatch West Sussex


Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

If you are unhappy with the way we have handled your complaint, you can approach the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

Before referring any complaint to the Ombudsman, you must have followed the NHS Complaints Procedure and received a final response from the surgery. The Ombudsman will need a copy of this in writing.

The Ombudsman will not usually look into your complaint if it happened more than 12 months ago, or if you first became aware of it more than 12 months ago, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Contacting the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman