Tues Morning Update:
26,000 Bognor Residents have been vaccinated.
Last week we moved to the 65 to 69 year old cohort (who are also being invited to the Mass Vaccination Sites) and then this week we started to invite the 16 to 64 year olds with Underlying Health Conditions.
The Regis area has 5000 pts (2500 left to do and most already booked in to the Local site or the Chichester site) in the 65 to 69 year old group and 7000 in the 16 to 64 group.
Vaccine supplies have slowed up this week and next, after that they will be much improved.
This week we will be able to give 4000 vaccines, next week it will be 2500.
If over 70 and you haven't had a vaccine and would like one please email ipc.regiscovidvacs@nhs.net

Published: Feb 16, 2021

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