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by Teresa Meehan

Great practice

For the past year I have had an ongoing problem with my knee . The service I have received has been outstanding . As a Nurse myself in GP Practice I understand the challenges . I have had in past year telephone or face to face consultations with various Dr's . From 1st port of call ie Receptionists being friendly,professional and accommodating,to various Dr's who have been very supportive,involving me in my care and empathetic,and above all listening to me,I've had outstanding care . Yesterday I rang in and discussed with a Paramedic what I wanted to do before seeing a Dr . He listened and involved me in my care . Today yet again I was listened to by Gp and way foreward for my well being. I want to say Well done to the whole entire team at Maywood. You are doing such a great job. Thankyou Teresa Meehan

Visited in November 2019, Posted on 15 November 2019

by Scott Mills

My views on Maywood surgery

Being a regular patient at Maywood due to an on going chronic pain issue I always find the reception staff very polite and willing to go that extra mile for you even though you can see there extremely busy, this morning the receptionist I couldn’t fault her and despite firing 101 questions and asking this that and everything else she made me feel relaxed and that I knew where I stood from talking to her (sometimes anxiety gets the better of me). My GP is amazing and couldn’t speak highly enough about how amazing she is at her job, she generally really cares and even takes the time to call me sometimes to see how I’m getting on. I’m constantly seeing her about different issues mainly meds related and she always makes me feel reassured after my appointment. All the staff at Maywood receive the highest of praise there all wonderful and do an amazing job. There’s a lady who works out back behind reception (didn’t get her name today when asking for a feedback form) but she is lovely too and always is so polite and even when I’m flapping and panicking manages to make me laugh. Overall it’s a wonderful surgery with an amazing team of staff.

Visited in November 2018, Posted on 26 November 2018

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